Concentrations Description - Communication



Public Relations


The Public Relations concentration prepares students to excel professionally in maintaining good organizational image and to develop good communications and relationship within organizations and with the publics. The curriculum suits industrial needs by offering courses such as PR advertising campaign, Crisis Communications & PR, PR Practice, PR Writing, Consumer Behavior, PR Management, PR& Branding, and PR Research Methodology. Students also train to be professional PR practitioners by conducting research, proposing and executing PR strategies, and evaluating PR programs.


Integrated Marketing Communications


The focus of Integrated Marketing Communication is the creation, management, and coordination of marketing communication tools. These include advertising, PR, events, sponsorship, and personal selling that will lead to the development of successful brands in the market. The curriculum includes courses designed to suit industrial needs: Advertising, Media Planning, Integrated Marketing Communication, Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Communication and Persuasion, and Strategic Brand Communication. Graduates can adapt to the needs of the IMC industry, or establish their own businesses, like an advertising agency or a production house, or become an event organizer.


Broadcast Journalism


The Broadcast Journalism concentration prepares students to work in the Broadcasting Industry, including TV, cyber media, radio, and printed media. The curriculum includes courses such as News Gathering Techniques, Media Interviewing, Investigative Reporting, TV Production Lab, Radio Production Lab, Feature Writing, and Video Editing. Students are trained to be professional journalists and media practitioners.