Master of Notary Public
Program Overview 
UPH is the first private university in Jakarta offering Master of Notary program. Our teaching staffs are experienced public notary with respected reputation in the field of business law. Students receive practical skills through the learning of most updated law cases, they are equipped not just to be a competent public notary but also having ethics as well as integrity in order to eventually become a professional and full of integrity Master of Notary.
The Master of Notary program has the vision to be one of the best Master of Notary study program in Indonesia with international standards that is able to produce human resources engulfed with true knowledge, faith in Christ, and Godly character, as well as prepared to be professional notary officials who are continously developing knowledge of law and various other supporting knowledge and also technology in building the nation and to glorify God. It incorporates its vision with the mission to educate and prepare students with comprehension in the knowledge of law as the foundation for work skils and developing law and various other supporting knowledge in order to be keen toward issues of justice, law enforcement and legal certainty.
Degree Graduate (Master Degree)
Study Mode
Weekday class (evening class/after office hour) or Weekend class
  • Interactive Lecturing
  • Discussions & Presentations
  • Case Studies
  • Workshops
Program Length
2 years ( 4 semesters)

Semester I

  1. Hukum Agraria
  2. Peraturan Jabatan Notaris
  3. Hukum Perikatan
  4. Peraturan Lelang
  5. Hukum Jaminan
  6. Hukum Keluarga dan Harta Perkawinan
  7. Dasar-Dasar Teknik Pembuatan Akta
  8. Hukum Waris

Total: 15 SKS

Semester II

  1. Hukum Perusahaan
  2. Penemuan Hukum
  3. Hukum Perbankan
  4. Pengurusan Hak Atas Tanah (Hukum Agraria Dalam Praktek)
  5. Hukum Pajak
  6. Pembuatan Akta PPAT
  7. Hukum Harta Kekayaan
  8. Teknik Pembuatan Akta 1* (Teknik-Teknik Pembuatan Amtlijk Akta)

Total: 14 SKS

Semester III

  1. Hukum Pasar Modal
  2. Metode Penelitian Hukum
  3. Teknik Pembuatan Akta 2* (Teknik-Teknik Pembuatan Akta Perbankan)
  4. Teknik Pembuatan Akta 3* (Teknik-Teknik Pembuatan Akta di Bidang Properti)
  5. Kode Etik Notaris

Total: 11 SKS

Semester IV 

  1. Teknik Pembuatan Akta 4* (Teknik-Teknik Pembuatan Akta di Bidang Pasar Modal)
  2. Workshop I/II/III**
  3. Thesis

Total: 7 SKS


**Wajib mengambil satu mata kuliah workshop yang ditawarkan dan diperkenankan untuk mengambil lebih dari satu workshop

IDR 70.750.000,- (for weekday class); and IDR 76.750.000,- (for weekend class)
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