Master of Management


 The Master of Management study program envisioned itself to be the place to create human resources with Godly character, which prepared to be future leaders, continually adding and developing science and technology to build the nation, doing so to glorify God.

This vision then are engulfed in the missions of the study program, which are to prepare and empower students to be holistic professional and leaders who are prepared to serve the community to glorify God; to contribute for the development of science and technology based on Christ-centered values; to prepare graduates of Master of Management ready for the work-force and to be future leaders, which develop science and technology as well as develop character and the attitude of glorifying God; and to participate in servitude and development of the community, building the nation as well as improvement of human and community welfare for the glory of God.  


Program Objectives

The program aims to have the ability to develop and update science, technology, and/or art by mastering and understanding the approach, method, scientific principles along with their application skills; to have the ability to solve problems in the field of expertise through activities of research and development based on scientific principles; and to have the ability to develop professional performance shown by the competence of problem analysis, the competence of review and the cohesiveness of problem solving or similar professions.


Program Overview

The Master of Management at UPH has four areas of study: Marketing Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, and Retail Management. Each discipline is spread over four semesters and includes thesis work, corporate report or term paper. Each discipline requires 46 credits and can be completed within four semesters.

Degree Graduate (Master Degree)
Study Mode
Weekday class (evening class/after office hour) or Weekend class
  • Interactive Lecture
  • Group Discussion
  • Case Study
  • Presentation
Program Length 2 years (4 semesters)

46 credits (SKS)

- Department Core (12 credits)

- Concentration Requirements (24 courses)

- Strategic Management (3 credits)

- Seminar Management (1 credit)

- Final Project (6 credits)


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IDR 65,200,000,-
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- Digital Marketing Management
- Financial and Business Management
- Organization Development and Human Capital
- Retailling, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
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