UPH International Admission

Admission Information


Entrance Requirement   English Proficiency
  • Completed 12 years of primary & secondary education
  • SAT 1500, TEOFL 500
  • Application of US$23.00 payable to UPH bank Account (bank account information payable upon registration
  • Applicants must demonstrate a high level of English proficiency to qualify for clear admission. The TOEFL, IELTS Academic of PTE Academic results are preferred, although alternate measures of English proficiency may be considered. 
  • Applicants from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United States and the United Kingdom whose first language is English are exempted from this requirement. 
  • TOEFL: 500
  • TOEFL Internet Based Test: 59-60
  • IELTS: 5.0


5 Top Enquiries About UPH International Program


Q.1: I'm a foreign student, what kind of visa do I need to apply in Indonesia?

A: There are many types of Indonesian Visas, which includes Social Culture/Visit Visa, Limited Stay Visa (KITAS), etc. KITAS itself serves two different purposes, for work or study. You need to obtain the KITAS for study to be able to study at Pelita Harapan University.

Q.2: Can I study at UPH with a tourist visa?

A: No, you need to apply for Student Visa (KITAS). Tourists Visa known as VOA (Visa On Arrival) is used for Business, Tourist, or Social-Cultural purpose only.

Q.3: Am I allowed to work under student visa? If yes what kind of work?

A: No. Student Visa (KITAS) is strictly for studying only.

Q.4: How long does it take to process everything?

A: First, the Telex (an approval of visa issued by the Immigration Office in Jakarta) and Study Permit process takes approximately one month until issuance.
Second, process for collecting the telex at Indonesian Embassy takes about 2-3 days sometimes even one week (depends on the embassy). Up to the point of your arrival in Indonesia, you need to report to the Immigration, have your photograph and fingerprint taken within a week. At last, you will receive the new KITAS Card approximately 1 week later.

Q.5: There are many procedures to do, how much does each one cost?

Doing the process independently will be cheaper but it is rather complicated and time consuming. Which is why the majority of people hire an agent to assist them, whose fees vary based on their level of professionalism.

We handover the KITAS application process to our trusted agents, they will handle everything and assist you for the entire process. The Document Service Agent will charge about IDR 5,000,000 (approximately USD $ 530) for 1-year KITAS application only, for 1-year MERP the costs is about IDR 2,000,000. EPO costs about IDR 500,000. The fees are subject to change, so please check with our office for the current fees.

The payment can be made through UPH Bank Account. Please refer to your local bank for information about the current exchange rate of your currency to be converted into Rupiah. The account information can be obtained once you have completed the registration process.


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Please call +62 852 8000 8993 or email business.school@uph.edu for more info