Concentrations Description - Law



Business Law


Business Law caters to students pursuing a career in the board area of corporate law. The curriculum combines strong fundamental theory with practice and research in many fields. Challenging required courses include Corporate Law, Banking Law, Intellectual Property Rights, and a wide range of elective courses, including Consumer Protection Law, Health Law, and International Relations. Since 1998, the UPH Business Law Study Center, which has its own ISBN (International Standard Book Number), has published 17 books written by UPH lecturers and a quarterly journal The Law Review has its own ISSN (International Standard Series Number).


International Law


This program offers comprehensive international law training to equip students to pursue careers as diplomats and consultants of international lawyers. The curriculum equips students with skills and knowledge related to various international law issues such as International Civil Law, International Environmental Law, International Relations, and many other challenging subjects. With its emphasis on economic and business law, the UPH International Law Program prepares the students to manage various legal matters, as international trade relations increasingly demand professionals with expertise in this area.


Legal Proficiency


This program is thoughtfully constructed to provide extensive and rigorous training for students pursuing a career in litigation and other legal professions. An integral part of the program is the practical training that provides students with professional skills, as well as a conceptual framework. The program emphasizes business law in preparing professional lawyers with advanced knowledge in business and management, helping students confront the challenges of their profession. Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility are stressed to produce graduates who are responsible and trustworthy.