Master of Management
Concentration Description
Digital Marketing Management
This concentration focuses on the strategic decisions necessary to match organizational resources and objectives with market opportunities. Students will be equipped with managerial tools for creative marketing decision-making and value creation to the customer. The scope of study does not cover merely the marketing management for tangible products but also services.


Financial and Business Management
 This concentration focuses on the development and improvement of competencies in financial fields. Students will be introduced to updated theories, cases, models and recent issues to improve their decision making quality in the field of financial management and through understanding of strategic financial policy information.
Organization Development and Human Capital
Human Resources concentration focuses on understanding and thinking strategically about employment and the management of human resources in organizations. The program combines an analytical approach with strong psychology-based modules. Software and skills training are also integral to the course. These provide an excellent range of vocational skills that can be used in employment across a range of industries.
Retailing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
The uniqueness of this concentration is providing students with comprehensive knowledge of retail business which consist of courses on Retail Management and Store Operation, Financial Retail Management, Business Logistics Management, Strategic Management in International Retail and Consumer Behavior and Business Ethics.