Global Politics, Leadership, and Roles of Universities


In his visit to Lippo Group, Professor Glyn Davis – Vice Chancellor of University of Melbourne came to UPH for giving a brief lecture. Entitled ‘Global Politics, Leadership and Roles of Universities’, about 300 students from Faculty of Economy, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Social and Political Sciences attended the lecture. Beside students, UPH Rector – Jonathan L. Parapak, UPH President – Raymond Liu, Vice President for Academic Affairs – Connie Rasilim also came to the lecture.



With moderation by Lie Nathanael Santoso – Ass. Director of BusinessSchool, Faculty of Law & Faculty of Social and Political Science, Professor Davis gave a lecture with various topics around global politics, leadership style and morality as well as the role of universities in shaping the next leaders.



“The role of university is to make their students as independent thinker who can take decision of their own and follow the right the right judgment,” said Professor Davis. According to him, there are three factors to determine a great university: want to teach great students, want to do great research, engaged in their community. He also added that these factors are important because university is the one that will shape its students to be the independent thinker.



After his brief lecture, the Q&A session was opened with an enthusiastic response where many questions were being raised both from lecturers and from students alike. The questions that were raised also varied in topics – from education, current political condition to morality. 



From those questions, Professor Davis shared his experience when he worked under two Australia premiere before he take the position as the Vice Chancellor of University of Melbourne. He told that working in political world is very difficult due to many criticisms from many sides. However, from his experience of working closely with the two premieres, he found a way to reconcile moral and politics, “I see that they have a strong moral value, never tell a lie, I never see them commit unethical action, I never see them doing bribery, I never see them cheating,” explained Professor Davis.



Discussing the distinct condition of Indonesia and Australia, Professor Davis also encouraged the students to involve actively in many discussions to improve the condition of education and politic in Indonesia. “Younger people need to take challenge, be a part of discussions to improve Indonesia,” he answered. (lau)