Universitas Pelita Harapan Faculty of Law Celebrate the 17th Anniversary

UPH Rector – Jonathan L. Parapak, UPH President – Raymond Liu, Vice Rector – Connie Rasilim, UPH lecturers, students and alumni of FH UPH as well as Indonesia Faculty of Law Dean Forum attended the celebration of Fakultas Hukum Universitas Pelita Harapan – FH UPH (Universitas Pelita Harapan Faculty of Law) (19/9).


In this event, Dean of FH UPH – Prof. Dr. Bintan R. Saragih, SH opened the celebration with gratitude for many successful achievements from year to year. FH UPH has been accredited with grade A for three consecutive years. In his remarks, Prof. Bintan also brought the news that the minimum education requirement to be lecturers in FH UPH is S2, and the majority of lecturers can get it through scholarship. Currently, FH UPH has one professor, nine doctors, thirteen lecturers with S2 degree, and three expatriate lecturers from America and Philippines. This shows the quality of FH UPH education that is increasing from year to year.


FH UPH does not stop there, after opening the magister and doctoral program with accreditation grade B, this year FH IPH open the Master Notary degree with its first class conducted on September 23, 2013. Prof. Bintan also brought more happy news to the FH UPH big family with a report that three quarter of FH alumni is now working in the law fields. This report shows the consistency of the alumni towards the knowledge that they have gained during their study in UPH. FH UPH is also proud with its students that are appointed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be the representatives of Indonesia for the Outstanding Students for the World in the last two years at Tokyo and London. The list of achievements also do not stop there, UPH FH moot court team always represent Indonesia at international competitions in recent years.

In this occasion, Executive Dean of FH UPH – John Riady also presented a scientific oration entitled ‘Visi Pendidikan Hukum untuk Indonesia di Era Konsolidasi Demokrasi dan Globalisasi’ (Law Education Vision for Indonesia in the Democracy Consolidation and Globalization Era). After the oration, awards are given to the parties who have given their contribution for FH UPH progress. The first award is given to the alumni representative, Edy Wibowo, S.H., M.H. – the first alumni cohort of FH UPH – for his integrity towards the almameter. Several of his contributions are teaching at FH UPH, active mass media writer in law fields, success in law career (currently working as the Tasik Malaya District Court Judge) and clean law records. The second award is given to FH UPH alumni user – Hadiputranto Hadinoto & Partner Law Firm. Law firm HHP is perceived as a user who does not only help FH UPH graduates to find law career but also shaping the law practitioners to have integrity. The third award is given to the lecturer and the Head of FH UPH – Vincentia Esti for her dedication as the head of FH UPH accreditation team. Under her guidance, FH UPH has successfully accredited with grade A for three consecutive years. The fourth award is given to the lecturer and trainer of FH UPH moot court team – Jessica Los Banos for her dedication that brought UPH moot court team to the international competitions and made UPH name become more renowned.
The event is continued with candle blowing by FH UPH board and lunch together. After that, UPH as the host for dean forum, held a meeting with dean of faculty of law from all over Indonesia. (ym)