Bachelor of Accountancy


Opportunities for accountants over the past three decades have expanded rapidly. Today, the profession is highly profiled, exciting, and stimulating. Top accountants viewed as leaders in business and industry as well as private practice.


Students will learn, in addition to the foundational training in accounting, to become valued professionals able to run major corporations, start exciting entrepreneurial endeavors, and develop private practices - handling much more than tax returns. Students will also learn to create financial plans that lead to secure futures and to educate and advise individuals and corporations in areas that have powerful impact on tomorrow's business environment, such as Assurance Services.


Degree Undergraduate
Study Mode Full-time
Program Length
3.5 years
144 credits (SKS)

 - Liberal Arts (36 credits)

 - Department Core (57 cores)

 - MKK* (33 courses)

 - Business Administration Elective - Concentration (12 credits)

 - Thesis (6 credits)


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 - Managerial Accounting

 - Tax Accounting

 - Accounting Information System

 - Audit

 - International Accounting


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