Bachelor of Management


The Department of Management offers nine disciplines in International Business, Global Corporate Finance and Banking, Urban Economics, Marketing Economics, Retail Economics, Human Resource Management, Economics and Management, and Business Entrepreneurship. All are characterized by innovative curriculums that emphasize the expertise, knowledge and skills required to be world-class business leaders.


Degree Undergraduate
Study Mode Full-time
Program Length 3.5 years
144 credits (SKS)

 - Liberal Arts (33 credits)

 - English Proficiency *MBB (6 credits)

 - MPB (12 credits)

- Department Core (48 Courses)

 - Business Elective (12 credits)

 - Thesis (6 credits)


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 - International Business

 - Global and Corporate Finance

 - Urban Economics

 - Marketing Economics

 - Retail Economics

 - Human Resource Management 

 - Health Science Management

 - Business Enterpreneurship


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