Bachelor of International Relations

UPH School of International Relations offers special focus on international trade, diplomacy, international business, and politics. This department equips students with knowledge needed to participate in national and international arena, with practical and negotiation skills, and with leadership abilities. Classes are conducted through multi-disciplinary approach.

UPH School of International Relations is the first of its kind in Indonesia. In this globalized and interconnected world, international trade plays an increasingly significant role. Trade activities are no longer stand-alone issues but rather reciprocally influenced and influencing many facets of countries’ livelihoods, including businesses and institutions’ operations. The curriculum encompasses not only the traditional studies of power politics but also the multi-disciplinary nature of globalized world that includes economics, global business, transnational investment, and international political economy. Students will also learn about diplomacy, giving them the ability to negotiate, argue, and persuade. This program serves fundamental knowledge for graduates to compete in globalized era by widening their perspectives on variables surrounding national, regional, and international activities.

Vision: To be a Christ-centered study program by delivering an excellent, holistic and transformational education in the field of international relations concentrating on international trade and ASEAN studies in order to produce future professionals and servant leaders who are equipped with true knowledge, faith in Christ and Godly character in responding strategically and creatively to the international challenges for the sake of an effective problem solving.



  • To cultivate and empower students through learning process in the field of international relations, especially international trade and ASEAN studies based on Christian values and the eminence of Christ both substantively and pedagogically that the graduates will become potential leaders and professionals who are competent and posses the positive characteristics to serve others according to their field of study.
  • To contribute towards the progress of science and technology through scientific research and publication in the field of international relations especially in international relations and ASEAN study with the foundation of the Christ-centered principles.
  • To participate in the community services to raise awareness on global politics and the impact of regional interactions in ASEAN in order to motivate the society, especially youth, in participating in the global governance through their community. To support activities that encourage youth to contribute their skills and knowledge for the improvement of the quality of human life and to fulfil their purpose as a living testimony for the glory of God.
Degree Undergraduate
Study Mode Full-time
Program Length 3.5 years
144 credits (SKS)
Maximum intake per semesters : 19 credits

 - Internship (3 credits)

 - Undergraduate Thesis (6 credits)


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