15 June 2016
UPH Inaugurated 1260 Graduates at the XXIX Graduation
Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) held its XXIX graduation to inaugurate 1260 graduates from 1347 students who had graduated

Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) held its XXIX graduation to inaugurate 1260 graduates from 1347 students who had officially graduated. The procession was held at the Grand Chapel of UPH on Saturday, June 11, 2015, with 1055 undergraduates, 203 graduates and 2 postgraduates. Among these graduates, there were 233 teacher graduates, 98 bachelors of medicine and 35 nursing graduates.

The graduation procession was led by the Rector of UPH, Dr. (Hon) Jonathan L. Parapak, M.Eng. Sc. accompanied by senates from 13 faculties. In this XXIX Graduation, Dr. Ir. Illah Sailah, M.S., the Kopertis Coordinator for Region III, Dr. (HC) James T. Riady, the Founder UPH and Dr. (HC) Mochtar Riady, the Founder of Lippo Group, were also present.

Through the message for graduates by the Rector, he later stated that UPH has committed and will always commit to keep on advancing its quality in every aspect of the education process and in encouraging students to not be complacent, but to keep trying to be the best. 

Rektor UPH, Jonathan L. Parapak

”Our nation is waiting for the birth of leaders with character, who had undoubted integrity and who has the right intelligence to face all sorts of challenges. Now we are sending these graduates to be the ‘agent of change’, to bring impacts and improvements for the world,” said the Rector.

The Rector hopes that the graduates will keep on living with the vision of UPH, while keep on holding to the true knowledge, having a strong faith as well as Godly character. The Rector also thanked the Kopertis of Region III who has always supported UPH.


As the representative of the government, a speech was also given by Dr. Ir. Illah Sailah, M.S., as the Kopertis Coordinator of the Region III. In her Speech, she delivered her appreciation for all the achievements of UPH students, both in national and international competitions, as well as UPH’s commitment in escalating its quality for education in terms of developing professional and creative human resources who had integrity, so that they could be trustable individuals, both nationally and internationally.

At the same occasion, Dr. Illah also thanked UPH for always being in line and for always showing great adherence with the government’s regulations. 


“We from the Kopertis, specifically thanked UPH who has been a role model for other universities, in terms of adherence and university administration, according to the government’s regulation. Aside from that, I also hopes that the graduates of UPH could always give their contribution for their nation, especially for those in the remote areas of Indonesia,” said Dr. Illah.

Dr. Illah Sailah, M.S.
Dr. (HC) James T. Riady 

In line with the hopes and expectations of Dr. Illah, the Founder of UPH, Dr. (HC) James T. Riady, keeps on hoping that UPH graduates could always give their best contribution for Indonesia. According to Dr. James, their contribution doesn’t always have to be something big; their true faith is their direct contribution for the country. This point is in line with the vision of UPH, where true knowledge will lead someone to have the true faith in God and that true faith will then bear fruit, which is the Godly character,” explained Dr. James.


Finally, Dr. James reminded the graduates to understand their calling and to never be a money making machine, but a person who can give contribution through their true faith, who have responsibility and who could serve excellently, in  every place in Indonesia, including the remote ones (mt).

 pelantikan_resz.JPGThe Rector of UPH Inaugurating the Graduates
 Prof. Dr. Bintan R. Saragih, SH.,  Dean of the Faculty of Law UPH, as the Representative of the Law Faculty Received an Award for the Best Faculty at the 29th Graduation of UPH, Handed by Gunawaty Tjioe, B.Ed., M.Pd., Ph.D., Vice Rector of Academics