06 December 2016
UPH Accounting Students Achieve 2nd and 3rd Place at Accounting Festival 2016 UNTAR
Universitas Pelita Harapan Accounting students succeeded in achieving 2nd and 3rd place at Universitas Taruma Negara Accounting Festival 2016

UPH teams who succeed in achieving 2nd and 3rd place at Accounting Festival by Universitas Tarumanegara

Universitas Pelita Harapan Accounting students succeeded in achieving 2nd and 3rd place at Accounting Festival 2016 by Universitas Tarumanegara which carried the theme “Extend Our Skill Out of Accounting Boundaries and Bring the Impact to the World”.

UPH sent out three teams for this competition, they were UPH 1st Team consisting of Alvina Phoandy (2013), Raymond Pandi (2014), Welly Mulyadi (2013); UPH 2nd Team consisting of Chen Ching Ching (2013), Kristian Kurniawan (2014), Michelline Tan (2014); and UPH 3rd Team consisting of Alexander Dylan (2014), Bella Nathania (2014), Heidy Natalia (2014).


This year, UPH experiences an improvement for its achievement compared to the previous year, when UPH was only able to achieve the 4th place at Accounting Festival 2015. This year, UPH succeeded in gaining the second place which was achieved by UPH 2nd team and the third place by UPH 1st team, while the 1st place this year is achieved by TSM.


Accounting Festival itself is an event held by Student Association of Accounting at Universitas Tarumanegara. This event is held annually and includes a seminar as well as a series of national-level competitions in the field of accounting. The competitions at Accounting Festival 2016 were joined by 19 teams from various prestigious universities in Indonesia, namely Universitas Indonesia, Trisakti School of Management, Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara, Universitas Surabaya, and others.


The competitions in this Accounting Festival were compiled from several stages which need to be passed by participating universities. Those stages were Preliminary Round, Semifinal, and Final that consists of Solving Audit Issue, Arithmetic Estafet, The Incredible Pyramid, and Pro or Luck. For UPH, gaining the opportunity to join this competition can be a means for accounting students to sharpen their skills.


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