09 December 2016
UPH Business School Accounting Challange 2016
Accounting program, Business School of Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH), Lippo Karawaci, again held its annual event “UPH BUSINESS SCHOOL ACCOUNTING CHALLENGE"
The committee with the participants of Business School Accounting challenge 2016 

Accounting program at Business School of Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH), Lippo Karawaci, once again held its annual event “UPH BUSINESS SCHOOL ACCOUNTING CHALLENGE (UPH ACC)” which was a competition for high school students. This is the second time the competition was held and open for international schools.


 UPH Accounting Challenge 2016 was held for three days from October 19-21, 2016. There were twenty five teams from eighteen schools around Jabodetabek whoparticipated in this competition, and four of them were International School. In orderto accommodate the students from the international school, the committee haveprepared the questions in two languages (Indonesian and English).


 In accordance with the purpose of this competition, the entire program was designed to encourage the participants to study accounting in a fun, creative, and a competitive way. International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) was used as the guideline for all the questions. There were four topics that were examined in this competition which covering from:

1. Merchandising Operations

2. Inventories

3. Accounting for Receivables

4. Plant, Property & Equipment Assets


“Through this competition, Business School wants to introduce the accounting field and cultivates students’ interest. Through the seminar, students will get an overview of the Accounting Professions, areas and understand the qualifications required for this profession,” said Tanggor Sihombing, Lecturer of UPH Business School and chairman of the committee.


 This competition consisted of three rounds, began with the individual test in the preliminary round, wheel of Fortune in the semifinal, and two stages of the final round which were quick quiz which named ‘Fast and Furious” and presentations.


 First place was won by SMKN 14 Jakarta, while the second and third place was won by SMAK3 Penabur. The winners got prize medals, certificates, and cash. (rh)


The Winner of Accounting Challenge


1st Winner of Accounting Challenge 2016

SMAK 14 - Jakarta, with Dr. Antonius Herusetya, and the Judges 


2nd Winner of Accounting Challenge 2016

SMAK 3 Penabur, with Dr. Tanggor Sihombing, The Chairman of UPH ACC 2016


3rd of Accounting Challenge 2016

SMAK 3 Penabur, with Ibu Puti Palupi, Product Division Head of Nobu Bank


Photos while competition 


The participants attended the individual test & group test in elimination round


The judges did the question and answer session to the finalist


One of the finalist (big 4) did the presentation in the final round



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