03 August 2015
Public Defense on Doctoral of Communication Desideria L.D. Suwu Leksmono
Once again, UPH is proud with the increase number of Doctors in Faculty of Social and Politic Science, Desideria L. D. Suwu Leksmono
Dr. Dra. Desideria L. D. Suwu Leksmono with the examiner team of Public Defense on Doctoral of Comunication Science

Once again, UPH is proud with the increase number of Doctors in Faculty of Social and Politic Science, Desideria L. D. Suwu Leksmono for the success in achieving Doctoral title in Communication Science at Universitas Indonesia (UI) on July 28, 2015. She succeeded in defending her dissertation “Media and Cultural Imperialism (Study on Subculture of K-Pop Fans in Indonesia)”. Covered by fisip.ui.ac.id, the dissertation research by Desideria aims to reveal the Korean cultural imperialism by media on the subculture of K-Pop fans in Indonesia and to show the domination of Korean culture in Indonesia, also to elaborate the social media as the channel of Korean cultural imperialism hegemony in Indonesia.


Desideria Leksmono presented her dissertation

The research uses the thinking framework based on cultural imperialism theory that relates to Fandom concept as the subculture. The paradigm in this research is critical constructivist and is a qualitative descriptive research. The data collection technic is using in-depth interview, observation and literature study for secondary sources; research informant consists of five fans of K-Pop.


The result of the research by Desideria shows that the Korean culture hegemony in Indonesia is spread by using social media and website as the main tool. K-Pop fans are already social media users and use it to join community or to publish their creativity. Forms of Korean cultural imperialism on subculture of fans are made through a process called Process of Fandomization. This process is started from individual level with the stages of Idol Recognition, Emotion Building, Text Collection, and then collective level with the subculture stage of Engagmenet, and society level that is marked with subculture Emergence. The forms of Korean culture imperialism on the fans touch three aspects: artifacts, shared meaning, and social behavior, where there is an adaptation to cultural imperialism (adjusted cultural imperialism).


 Presented as the chairman of public defense, Prof. Isbandi Rukminto Adi, M.Kes., Ph.D., UI FISIP Vice Dean of Education, Research, and Student AffairProf. Dr. Ilya R. Sunarwinadi, M.Si., UI FISIP lecturer as Promotor. Prof. Dr. Billy K. Sarwono, M.A., UI FISIP lecturer, as co-promotor 1 and Dr. Pinckey Triputra, M.Sc., UI FISIP as co-promotor 2. The examiner team consists of Prof. Alois Agus Nugroho, Ph.D.,Prof. Deddy Mulyana, Ph.D.,Raphaella Dewantari Dwianto, M.A., Ph.D.,Prof. Sasa Djuarsa Sendjaja, Ph.D., and Dr. Ariantowati H. Handoyo, M.A. (fn/nn)

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