08 September 2015
Dean’s Talk Business School, FISIP & Faculty of Law
On September 5, 2015, UPH held Dean’s Talk to Business School, Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP), and Faculty of Law in UPH Hope Building
Dean's Talk Business School, FISIP and Faculty of Law  
On September 5, 2015, UPH held Dean’s Talk to Business School, Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP), and Faculty of Law in UPH Hope Building. The event aims to socialize the faculty programs, registration process, and the campus life in UPH, especially in the related faculties.
Grace Salim, Director of Business School, opened the event by explaining about the 3 education pillars of UPH, which are True Knowledge, Faith in Christ, and Godly Character, as the vision and mission of UPH. Furthermore, there were presentations by each faculty, began with UPH Business School. Grace Salim explained that UPH ‘Global Campus’ gives the opportunity to the students to develop their talents and compete globally, supported by the networking of UPH with several international universities. For the example, one of the programs of UPH Business School is Joint Degree with Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Australia, for Management and Accounting. Thus, Business School students can experience the learning with RMIT curriculum without going abroad. This program gives benefit to students, such as minimize the cost of university tuition, living cost, and they can get two titles from UPH and RMIT. Still in Business School session, Dr. Antonius Herusetya, Ak., M.M., Head of UPH Accounting Department and Jacob Donald Tan, BBA., MBA., Head of UPH Management Department, shared about each of the departments.
Prof. Aleks presented about Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP)
Furthermore, Prof. Aleksius Jemadu, Ph.D., Dean of FISIP and Elfi S.E., M.M., Director of FISIP presented about FISIP. Prof Aleks explained about the departments under the Faculty of Social and Political Science, which are Communication Science, International Relations and Political Science. He shared that Indonesia is soon to enter the free trade, AFTA 2015, will need the professionals in these three fields. “It takes the experts in communication, either with society or company, to market the product and able to compete with foreign companies that will soon invade Indonesia,” prof. Aleks shared. He also said that Indonesia needs people who can investigate the politics, economy, social, and culture condition of the other countries and their impacts to Indonesia, because nowadays this world has become Interdependence World, “that is why International Relations professionals are needed” he added. Then, the explanation of Political Science, a newly opened department in 2015, emphasizes on the Political Science in the relation to the business world. This department teaches the prospective businessmen and businesswomen to understand about the political bureaucracy in Indonesia, so that they will not be tricked and able to help Indonesia to create new job field to the citizens. Lastly, Elfi explained about the newly opened program, Online Learning Communication Science in Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) concentration. The program in this learning method is very helpful for those who want to study while working, because in one semester, the students are only requested to be present at campus three times. Besides that, the material can be accessed and learned online.
The last presentation session was about the Faculty of Law, delivered by Dr. Susi Susantijo, Director of UPH Faculty of Law and V. Esti. P, S.H., M.H, Head of UPH Law Department. On 2014, Faculty of Law won the first rank of the best Faculty of Law in Kopertis Wilayah 3. In addition, Faculty of Law has already won many competitions both national and international. Esti explained that since 1996, UPH Faculties have been developing up to this time, and the Faculty of Law is the only Faculty with Bachelor of Law, Magister of Law, Magister of Notary, and Doctoral of Law. “This all can be achieved by the love and grace of God, and also by the commitment to give the best, and the cooperation of students, parents, faculty, and university, so that Faculty of Law can achieved the A accreditation. A accreditation is one of the requirements to open post-graduate and doctoral program,” Esti shared. She also explained the concentrations provided by UPH FH, which are Business Law, International Law, and Legal Proficiency. Students will choose the concentration on the third year of academic.
Approximately 100 high school students and parents attended the event and gave positive responses by asking a lot of questions about the faculties and the programs. (fc/nn)
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