25 February 2016
On February 11-12th, UPH succeeded in winning the first place at D’ABC 2016 (The Accounting and Business Competition) event which was held at Binus International The Joseph Wibowo Center for Advanced Learning (JWC)
25 January 2016
Thursday, January 21, 2016 Business School UPH hold a Youth Entrepreneurship Talk Show for high school students grade 12
17 June 2015
What comes to your mind when you are asked about Startup? Independent, creative, innovation, entrepreneur and others peeped out when defining about Startup.
26 January 2016
"The exchange student program I did in Amsterdam at Hogeschool van Amsterdam was definitely the highlight of my study at UPH
24 June 2015
As a developing country, Indonesia has an urgent need to protect & manage sustainable use of its genetic resources.
06 January 2016
Universitas Pelita Harapan Business School was chosen as the 'Best School of Management Indonesia 2015'
28 May 2015
University is not just a place for students to learn, but to form them hollistically, to guide them in that process and to report student’s achievement to the parents
07 December 2015
‘Accounting Challenge Competition 2015’ diselenggarakan sebagai upaya untuk memperkenalkan jurusan Akuntansi UPH kepada siswa SMA
10 March 2015
UPH Business School held a coaching and mentoring session for high school teachers and leaders on March 10th, 2015 at HOPE hall
03 September 2015
The competition was held at Sampoerna Building, Jakarta on Saturday, 30 August 2015
25 May 2015
On 27-28 March 2015, UPH Law School joined the Constitutional Debate Competition held by Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana Salatiga
15 July 2015
UPH Business School hosts Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship to high school students on July 14-15, 2015
21 May 2015
UPH Law School once again contributed an excellent achievement, winning 2nd place at the Padjajaran Law Fair 2015
03 July 2015
It is held as part of the Coaching Mentoring Program dedicated for educators nationwide
15 May 2015
International Relation UPH recently won several awards in national Model United Nations (MUN) competitions
15 May 2015
Pelita Harapan Business Law Competition (PH-BLC) 2015 is the first and biggest event of UPH Law School Student Senate and PSHB, the first moot court in Indonesia adapted from International Moot Court
18 May 2015
Monday, 18 May 2015 - UPH Department of International Relations signed an MoU with P2K-OI of Ministry of Foreign Affairs
21 May 2015
Students of UPH Law School once again incised a glorious achievement in the International Philip C. Jessup Moot Court Competition in Washington DC, USA on April 5-11, 2015
20 April 2015
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